The Call To Action Still Rings

MADISON, WI — — We are all devastated by the decision to file no charges against the officers who shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back. We all watched the video of this crime, and in no way was this self defense. The insult to the Blake family is insurmountable. We stand in solidarity with the people of Kenosha. Too many lives were lost to come to an abhorrent decision that illustrates how black and brown lives are disposable in the eyes of the criminal justice system. We deserve better and demand change.

Through organizing, marching, protesting, and building coalitions, 2020 has been a year of transformation and of building our community. Madison, as well as the nation at large, proclaimed “Enough Is Enough,” knelt for those we lost, and stood for the justice we demanded. It took every one of us shouting in the streets and emailing our representatives, but the needle began to move and more glass ceilings were able to break. It has become clear that our government continues to fail us day after day and we must continue to explore new ways of reform with a conscious effort to be more equitable, sustainable, and actively inclusive.

It is imperative that we do not fight for justice on behalf of anyone else but ourselves. A clear and uncompromising understanding that when we see injustice it will propel us with an impervious volition to fix it. These collective actions separate the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Civil Rights Movement by including the other fights for justice interwoven within the Black Lives Matter Movement such as, the LGBTQ+, Environmental Justice, and Me Too Movement to name a few. This Revolution is unique in the fact that it allows us to look at issues holistically by inviting such diverse communities with all of their multifaceted ideas and perspectives into spaces that they’ve been excluded from.

As the call to action rang, we saw our youth organizers and activists mobilize our communities and challenge everyone to do more. To become more. We move into this new year knowing that the community can only trust and rely on its people for change to be enacted. With unprecedented progressive organizers running for office it sends a clear message that we are taking up space and making room for more differently abled, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, immigrants, women, and youth. As we move into positions of power we remember that we are activists first and foremost. The mobilization and connection to our community is our biggest asset and we must continue to empower other qualified candidates to run.

We are the revolution.

Pre-Law Undergrad @ UW-Madison; Class of 2022. Madison, WI District 8 Alder Candidate. Youth activist for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ issues.

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